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Human Resource Management

As a business owner or manager when you have a problem or need some expert HR advice, we know having someone you trust on the other end of the phone makes all the difference. Being able to speak with a friendly qualified HR consultant about issues with your workforce, how to approach a dismissal, disciplinary or redundancy can be a daunting task to do on your own.

Talk to us if you any issues in the following areas:
1. Employment law advice. Not sure whether the decision you are making is legally sound. We can advise you.
2. Organisational restructuring or carrying out redundancies. How to let workers go in a legal and ethical way.
3. Coming up with HR policies, procedures and organisational structure for improved efficiency.
4. Developing job descriptions, KPIs. Are you getting the best or value for money from your workforce?
5. Performance evaluation system. Implementing manpower evaluation for optimal personnel productivity.
6. Training and development. Whether it improving your sales group, leadership or even morale building sessions

Environmental Assessment

With increasing global environmental awareness, the importance of producing biodegradable plastics, papers, coatings, and other consumer materials is driving manufacturers to be ahead of the curve and gain market share for the future. However, the uncertainty in establishing trusted relationships with laboratories conducting biodegradability assessments plagues those not knowledgeable in this area of specialty testing. Judlink International lends its experiences directly to its clients to guide them seamlessly through the process of method selection, while welcoming any questions regarding the application of the results.

Project Management and Properties

We partner with clients throughout the Caribbean and Americas to successfully design, develop, and deliver projects and other strategic business initiatives designed to achieve objective results, meaningful change, and indelible value in a rapidly changing world. Our multi-sectoral experience, global perspectives, strong ethical principles, values, focus on sustainability, and project-based approach seeks to ensure that you remain free to focus on your core competencies, whilst we provide the strategic alignment, capabilities, and passion needed to reduce the risks, costs, and challenges of doing business.

Research Development and Consultancy

Judlink is also a research and development consulting resource organization whose main aim is to strengthen civil society organizations, religious institutions and other service provision entities to be visible, vibrant and sustainable actors in socio-economic development and poverty alleviation.

Management Training

Since its inception, Judlink International has contributed to the performance development of thousands of employees in hundreds of local & multinational organizations in 15+ African countries. Judlink International offers executive training programs in Leadership and Management, Productivity, Trust & Employee Engagement, Sales Performance, Education, Customer Loyalty, and other employee development solutions. We have partnered with three leading global organizations: FranklinCovey®, Crestcom International® and Insights® to offer training programs that align to global learning best practice.We help individuals & organizations achieve sustainable results that require a change in human behavior.

Strategic Planning and Management

Judlink provides consultancy services to any Government, NGO, and autonomous, semi-autonomous or private limited or proprietary organization. The nature and type of such works would provide study services ranging from broader (master) planning and pre-feasibility level to detailed design and bidding documents, as well as project management and implementation support for infrastructure and development projects in the core field of civil engineering, transport, rural and agriculture development, and related institutional, social, and environmental impact studies.

Business Development and Advisory

Contact us for a customized market research report tailored to your business needs. Find innovative solutions with our market reports & leading consulting services. Market by Products. Regional Market Research. Country Specific Reports. Market by Application

Business Development and Advisory

Powerful brands disrupt the status quo with unique products, clear purpose, and compelling look, feel, and tone of voice. Partner with Judlink's creative team to transcend the formulaic, presenting your brand identity in a consistent, compelling manner across your customer touchpoints, and driving performance in business, marketing, and brand loyalty.



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